• house for rent in  Oranjeplein, Maastricht Rented

    Oranjeplein, Maastricht for rent

    Nice furnished studio, near Wyck and central station, € 675,= incl.

    Near the area of Wijck and 5 minutes walking from the station is situated this cosy an nicely furnished studio of 35 m².
    Authorized or paid parking.

  • house for rent in  Drijverstraat , Maastricht Rented

    Drijverstraat , Maastricht for rent

    Nice decorated corner house, 5 bedrooms, garden, garage € 1500,= excl.

    In the new area of Maastricht, Belvedère, on walking distance from the centre, near the haven is situated this corner house with 5 bedrooms, garage and with a view over the new park. The house is completely decorated with high quality materials.

  • house for rent in  Churchilllaan, Maastricht Rented

    Churchilllaan, Maastricht for rent

    Scharn, renovated and decorated 4 bedroomed house with garden & garage € 1450,= excl.

    Near the International School UWC is situated this family home which is being renovated at the moment. The shopping centre of Heer is within walking distance, the highways are easy to reach.

  • house for rent in  Eikenhoven, Maastricht Rented

    Eikenhoven, Maastricht for rent

    In Amby, near UWC, decorated, semi detached, 4 bedroom house with garage & garden € 1600,= excl.

    This family home has a nice garden with terrace and patio roof. The ground floor has an Oak floor and upstairs is a laminate floor. Partly equipped with rolling blinds. 

  • house for rent in  Avenue Ceramique, Maastricht Rented

    Avenue Ceramique, Maastricht for rent

    Decorated 2 bedroom apartment with parking in Ceramique € 1200,= excl.

    Near A2 and station this nice decorated apartment with 2 large bedrooms and parking is for rent. Plein 1992 and downtown Maastricht are just a few minutes walking away. 

  • house for rent in  De Beente, Maastricht Rented

    De Beente, Maastricht for rent

    Near Mecc, decorated or furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, loggia, free parking € 950,=/€ 1050,= excl.

    In the south of Maastricht, near Randwijck and MUMC/AZM is situated this lovely apartment with a nice parquet floor. It is situated on the first floor (elevator) above the shopping centre “de Beente”.

  • house for rent in  Keurmeestersdreef, Maastricht Rented

    Keurmeestersdreef, Maastricht for rent

    Belfort, decorated 2 bedroom apartment, balcony and free parking € 950,= excl.

    In Belfort, above the shopping centre and near Brusselsepoort is situated this decorated 2 bedroomed apartment with balcony. The apartment has a laminate floor. Downtown Maastricht is about 10 bicycle minutes away.

  • house for rent in  Apollohof, Maastricht Rented

    Apollohof, Maastricht for rent

    In Daalhof, decorated house, 4 bedrooms, garden, storage and garage € 1250,= excl.

    In Daalhof, near various commercial centres, in a quiet area, is situated this decorated row house. It is equipped with a new kitchen. Front door and inside doors ground floor will be modernised. Free parking.

  • house for rent in  Avenue Ceramique, Maastricht Rented

    Avenue Ceramique, Maastricht for rent

    Ceramique, furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, loggia, parking € 1325,= excl.

    In Ceramique is situated this lovely, furnished apartment on walking distance to the station. Highway, Wijck and centre are easy to reach.

  • house for rent in  Hoogzwanenstraat, Maastricht Rented

    Hoogzwanenstraat, Maastricht for rent

    Near Markt, spacious, furnished 3 bedroom apartment, balcony, parking € 1600,= excl.

    Hidden in a quiet part of the centre, near Markt, Sphinx area and Bassin. Vrijthof, Cinema, Music stage and restaurants are just a few minute walk away. Highways are easy to reach.