• house for rent in  Bellefroidlunet, Maastricht

    Bellefroidlunet, Maastricht for rent

    Nice, furnished, ground floor apartment, 2 bedrooms, garden and parking € 1400,= excl.

    In the popular area Céramique, near Plein 1992 and the trendy Wijck, is situated this modern apartment with view over private court. The station is on walking distance and the highway is a few minutes driving away.

  • house for rent in  Trichterweg, Cadier en Keer

    Trichterweg, Cadier en Keer for rent

    Cadier en Keer, large, decorated upstairs house, 2 bedrooms € 850,= excl.

    This property is situated in the beginning of Cadier en Keer, on top of the hill. The supermarket is a short walk away, as well as the Interliner bus to Maastricht. Maastricht is just a few minutes driving by car.

  • house for rent in  Capucijnengang, Maastricht

    Capucijnengang, Maastricht for rent

    Downtown, decorated 1 bedroomed upstairs house € 1200,= excl.

    At a pittoresk courtyard called Capucijnenhof, this “maisonette” is ready to move in and finished with a nice laminate floor. Vrijthof is around the corner. Authorized or paid parking.

  • house for rent in  Akersteenweg, Maastricht Homesearch lease

    Akersteenweg, Maastricht for rent

    In Heer, wonderful decorated apartment, 2 bedrooms, balcony and parking

    After a home search this beautiful apartment is rented by an expat couple.

  • house for rent in  Bourgognestraat , Maastricht

    Bourgognestraat , Maastricht for rent

    Newly renovated, decorated 1 bedroom downstairs apartment, patio garden € 1100,= excl.

    In Wijck, near the station and Céramique is situated this stunning apartment with a beautiful illumination angle, a luxury finish and is completely decorated. Authorized parking of paid parking possible.

  • house for rent in  Bellefroidlunet , Maastricht

    Bellefroidlunet , Maastricht for rent

    Stoa, Ceramique, luxury furnished apartment, 3 bedrooms, balcony, 2 parkings € 2795,= excl.

    Fantastic view over the river and the historic city of Maastricht. Plein 1992 and the city centre are just a short walk, station and highway are easy to reach. Unfurnished possible after consultation.

  • house for rent in  Lang Grachtje, Maastricht

    Lang Grachtje, Maastricht for rent

    Very nice furnished apartment at the old city wall, 1 bedroom and study € 1325,= excl.

    At the old city wall in a characteristic street is situated this lovely furnished apartment with 1 bedroom and study.

  • house for rent in  Heugemerweg, Maastricht

    Heugemerweg, Maastricht for rent

    Near station, furnished apartment, 1 bedroom, 1 guest room/study, roof terrace and parking € 2750,= excl.

    This astonishing apartment is tastfully furnished with high end design furniture.

  • house for rent in  Patersbaan, Maastricht

    Patersbaan, Maastricht for rent

    Centre, decorated penthouse, 2 bedrooms, roof terrace with view, parking € 1800,= excl.

    This comfortable penthouse has a beautiful view over the historic city centre of Maastricht. In the basement is a storage and private parking.

  • house for rent in  Maastrichter Heidenstraat , Maastricht

    Maastrichter Heidenstraat , Maastricht for rent

    In popular area Jekerkwartier nice decorated apartment, 1 slaapkamer € 800,= excl.

    In the populair area Jekerkwartier is situated this decorated apartment with 1 bedroom, just a few minutes walking from the shops, restaurants, University and the nice squares of Maastricht. Authorized parking possible.