• house for rent in  Bellefroidlunet, Maastricht

    Bellefroidlunet, Maastricht for rent

    Ceramique, decorated apartment, 2 bedrooms, garage, balcony € 1400,= excl.

    In Céramique, near Plein 1992 and the trendy Wijck, is this beautiful, decorated apartment for rent with 2 bedrooms, garage and large balcony. The station is on walking distance and the highway is a few minutes driving away. 

  • house for rent in  Drijverstraat , Maastricht

    Drijverstraat , Maastricht for rent

    Nice decorated corner house, 5 bedrooms, garden, garage € 1500,= excl.

    In the new area of Maastricht, Belvedère, on walking distance from the centre, near the haven is situated this corner house with 5 bedrooms, garage and with a view over the new park. The house is completely decorated with high quality materials.

  • house for rent in  Burgemeester Van Laarstraat, Cadier en Keer

    Burgemeester Van Laarstraat, Cadier en Keer for rent

    10 Car minutes from UWC, modern, decorated family house, 4 bedrooms, garden, garage € 1600,= excl.

    In a beautiful street in Cadier en Keer, about 6 km from the UWC, is situated this cornerhouse with 4 bedrooms, driveway for 2 cars, garage and sunny garden.

  • house for rent in  Boschstraat , Maastricht

    Boschstraat , Maastricht for rent

    Near Markt, modern, decorated apartment, 1 bedroom, walk in closet € 800,= excl.

    Near Markt and Vrijthof is situated this lovely apartment with nice view over the monumental roofs. Authorized or paid parking possible.


  • house for rent in  Bilserbaan, Maastricht

    Bilserbaan, Maastricht for rent

    Charming, decorated house, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garden € 1550,= excl.

    The house is completely renovated in 2018. Distance to UWC is max 10 autominutes, bicycling to Vrijthof max 10 minutes.

  • house for rent in  Lenculenstraat, Maastricht

    Lenculenstraat, Maastricht for rent

    In Jekerkwartier, beautiful, furnished 1 bedroomed apartment, outside space € 1000,= excl.

    This furnished apartment is part of a monument, fully equipped, exceptional high quality and very comfortable. Authorized or paid parking is possible.

  • house for rent in  Misericordeplein, Maastricht

    Misericordeplein, Maastricht for rent

    Near Vrijthof, edge Sphinxkwartier, decorated 2 bedroomed apartment, balcony € 1150,= excl.

    This top floor apartment is situated in a modern building, quiet location. Parking possible with authorized parking, paid or garage at 5 minutes walking.

  • house for rent in  Lenculenstraat, Maastricht

    Lenculenstraat, Maastricht for rent

    Wonderful, furnished apartment in Jekerkwartier Maastricht, 1 bedroom, terrace € 1100,= excl.

    In Jekerkwartier is situated in this beautiful monumental mansion, a furnished apartment. Authorized or paid parking is possible.

  • house for rent in  Abtstraat, Maastricht

    Abtstraat, Maastricht for rent

    Centre, furnished apartment, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, French balcony, private parking € 2200,= excl.

    With a surface of 240 m² this property belongs to the most exclusive apartments in Maastricht! The refreshing and transparent architecture combined with the location make a base for great living in Maastricht. 

  • house for rent in  Sancerrelaan, Maastricht

    Sancerrelaan, Maastricht for rent

    Beautiful, decorated semi-bungalow, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, patio garden and garage € 1850,= excl.

    On a very nice location in Campagne is situated this very well maintained semi-bungalow with garage and back entrance. The masterbedroom with bathroom is situated on the ground floor.