La Fontaine Makelaardij is continuously interested in rental accommodation in Maastricht. 
If you consider letting your property, you can contact us for an appointment. Our valuation advice is experienced and an appointment can generally be conducted within 24 hours. 
La Fontaine Makelaardij is capable at accurately setting the rental value for both long and short term properties.

Our tenants are not only expatriate’s from international companies, but also private persons who are settling in the Maastricht area for professional reasons.

  • Apartments wanted in Wijck, furnished or decorated, in all price ranges.
  • Houses wanted in the area close to the International School of Maastricht, Amby, Scharn, Heer.
  • Furnished apartments wanted in the centre area.
  • Apartments with 2 bedrooms that can be used by 2 people who are not a couple.