Can I visit your office to discuss what property I am looking for?
Unfortunately that is not possible. We only receive our clients on appointment, mostly for signing the lease contract. Via E Mail and telephone the communication works very well.

How can I respond on your website offers?
We ask you to send us the registration form or home search form per mail. This saves both you and us a lot of time. It also allows us to keep registration upfront free of cost. 

What is the difference between a registration form and home search form/leasing broker?

If you want to respond to a property on our homepage you need to fill out the registration form. Like this we can check if the property matches your requirements. We can also pre-check if you meet the requirements the homeowner has given. In case you will finally rent the property, then you need to pay a registration fee of € 30,25 including 21% VAT. If you like us to take it one step further and help you find a home outside of our own offers, then you need to give us an assignment for a homesearch. In case we succeed in finding a home for you, then you need to pay a fee of 1 month gross rent excluding 21% VAT.  In case of a successful home search/leasing broker assignment we will look after your interest as a tenant, we will negotiate on your behalf, check the legal aspects and support you at the check in. Besides we help you with all kinds of practical advice arising from the settlement, like contracts with utility suppliers, Municipality issues, parking etc.
For companies and relocation agencies these options are different.

Do you also work with other agencies?
Yes, we work with other colleague agencies back and forth. This way we can also select offers from other companies and take care of your interest as a tenant, while the colleague takes care of the interest of the homeowner. Of course, you need to assign us first for a homesearch.

How do I arrange to view a property?
Just mail us your registration form for a property visit. We will accompany you to the property and give you all information needed. 

Do I need to register / is registration free?
We encourage candidates to register so we can understand your requirements and select properties that closely match your wishes. This saves time for both of us. We also can guide you better and help set your expectations about rental prices and value for your money. There are no registration costs upfront, only in case you rent a property it is € 30,25 including 21 % VAT. If you want an English translation of the contract you have to pay an additional fee.

Will I get a lease contract in the English language?
We will provide a contract based on the ROZ (Raad voor Onroerende Zaken) model. This contract can be translated in English. The Dutch version must be signed by both parties. 

What will you need from me in order to rent a property?
For students we need a copy ID of your UM card or admittance letter, besides a financial pledge from your parents which forms we supply.
For working people we need a copy of ID and an employers’s statement (werkgeversverklaring) and – if possible- a copy of your last payslip.
For self-employed entrepreneurs we need a copy of ID, a registration form the Chambre of Commerce and an auditor’s/accounts report about your companies credibility. 

When do I pay for the deposit, agency fee and rent?
You will receive a financial overview when to pay for all these cost. Usually before the check in takes place all payments must have been received. 

What is the amount to be reserved for utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity)?
This depends on the size of the house, the insulation and your consumption. The utility provider will charge a prepayment per month and make a recalculation once a year. They try to make the prepayment as reasonable as possible and will adjust once a year if it seems too little or too much.
For some properties you pay the utilities to the owner. This might be a fix amount or a prepayment.
Ask your housing consultant for more information. 

Will you help me to get the contract for utilities arranged?
Yes, we will help you. Please make sure you have a Dutch bank account a.s.a.p. For the utilities contract it is not always needed, but recommended.   

Will you help me to get the contract for Internet and cable TV arranged?
Yes, we will help you. For Internet and cable TV a Dutch bank account is required before you can make a request. 

What does all-in rent mean?
All-in rent means that all cost are included. Besides the utilities, the service cost, Internet and cable TV is included. 

What are service cost?
Service cost are charged for extra services for tenants, like use and service of elevator, cleaning and energy of common spaces, window washing, cost for managing the building, service on equipment and heating installation etc.
Sometimes a building has a general energy system. In the service cost will be a reservation amount, which may or may not be recalculated once a year. This depends on the infrastructure of the building and the possibility to measure individual consumption of energy.

What is gross rent?
In case the tenant pays his own utilities, the gross rent is: rent, service cost and eventual parking. In case the utilities are included in the rent, these cost are part of the gross rent too.

What is the difference between furnished and decorated?
Furnished means that all furniture and equipment is available. You should be able to start living when you only bring your clothes and personal belongings. 
Decorated means finished floors (carpet, tiles, wood, laminate) and mostly ceiling lamps and curtains. This is also known as semi furnished.
In both cases there is a bathroom and kitchen installed, like mentioned in the description of the property. 

Are Municipality taxes included in the rent?
No, these taxes are not included. These taxes are billed by the Waterboard for cleaning of the water and by the Municipality for garbage and sewer, one bill goes straight to the owner and one to the resident (tenant). The owner has no interference in the tax system of the Dutch Governement.
For more information ask the Municipality and Waterboard (Waterschap Roer en Overmaas). 

How to dispose garbage?
In many cities the garbage must be recycled. In Maastricht are about 60 recycle depots where you can bring for free: paper, cardboard, glass, plastic containers, cans and tetra pack/drink containers. The residual waste must be collected in special red - white bags that can be purchased at supermarkets in Maastricht. Ask your Municipality for a calendar of collection in your area. 

How do I know if students are allowed to rent a property?
This depends on the individual owner and the permission from the Municipality. Some family houses are suitable for shared use by students but the owner will not rent to 4 or 5 people for various reasons. Besides the Municipality does not allow student homes without a special permission. 

What is a check in / inspection report?
We will conduct a check in/ inspection report and inspect the condition of the property. All major and minor marks of use, cleanness, damages, wear and tear will be marked and photographed. The tenant and landlord will sign this report, which reflects the state of the property. At the end of the lease the property must be returned in the way you found it. The tenant must pay for any additional cleaning or repair. 

May I do the Final cleaning myself?
Yes, you may in some apartments. A deep cleaning is needed before handing over the property to the next tenant. Depending on the size and time you have spent in the property it might take a day’s work. In general we have experienced that leaving tenants have a lot of things to do and a tight time frame. The final cleaning is usually not their priority. Most tenants are happy to have the owner arrange a cleaning team. 

Who will be managing the property?
Most owners are managing the property themselves. In case another party manages the property, you will be informed. In the event of a problem the tenant must address to the owner/manager.
Since la Fontaine Makelaardij is not appointed as manager, we may not assign any service or handyman without approval of the owner.

Do I need Insurance?
We recommend you take a liability insurance (WA verzekering) and a household insurance (inboedelverzekering) in case of decorated lease. The owner has insured the property itself (opstal verzekering) and –when furnished- the inventory. 

How and when will my deposit be refunded?
Your money will be refunded by bank as agreed between you and the landlord in your lease contract. It will be refunded when you vacate the property and after due inspection. The amount refunded depends upon the agreement signed between you and the landlord and the cleanness and extent of wear and tear that has taken place during your stay. 

How can you help if there is a dispute with the owner?
In rare cases, a dispute between a landlord and a tenant is unavoidable. Should a dispute arise, we will do everything we can to help both parties reach an agreement.